Hi I’m Tee and I’ve created an ONLINE weight-loss program, to help you finally get the body you’ve always wanted, and here's why:

 "12 years ago I was a size 20 and 98 kg… I was in my mid 20’s and felt like life was passing me by. I wanted to be happy, I wanted to have fun, I wanted to walk into a shop and pick out a cute outfit, and wear shorts in summer! I wanted to “fit in” I was always so unhappy and mean to myself and battled with Bulimia for 7 years. I have Maltese heritage and grew up with very strong European family values. Food was always an event and was always made a big deal of, this is where my passion for cooking came from.

When I was 22 I opened a soup cafe called Zuppa Uno in Darlinghurst Sydney, I did all the cooking (and all the eating) I was really successful, and ended up manufacturing for prisons, hospitals, even supplying soup to all of the Sumo Salad franchises. Even tough life appeared good to outsiders inside my 5″2 body I was sad and an unhealthy 98kg, and this is when I decided that it was time to be kind to myself and start looking after my body.
It was hard and it took more than a week. I had to make lots of changes and had to learn how to say no… I realised I was depressed and so I went to see a psychiatrist, who put me on medication for anxiety and depression, which I am still taking today. I had to dig deep both emotionally and physically, but it was the most important thing in my life and I wanted to change.

I joined Shazza’s Boot Camp in Sydney (now GEO FIT OUTDOOR in Busselton and Dunsborough) and I was the slowest, fattest and most unfit person in the group, but I got up and went to the three 6.15 am classes every week (it was the most inclusive and supportive exercise group I had found, Sharon was so welcoming). I eventually got down to 52 kg’s and decided to get sell my soup business and become a personal trainer and weight-loss coach. I helped many of my clients lose weight and turn their lives around.

Now I’m here to help you… I’ve created a super simple program to get you the body, and most importantly the life you want to live… join me and all the other inspirational people who have done my the program. Be an inspiration to others, be proud of yourself. Don’t let another day go by feeling the way you do. Choose happy! Choose healthy! Be part of the Fat Flush Family we all welcome you.

Tee xx"

Are you ready to join others just like you, who have made the change?

The Program is Just a once off payment of $49 USD (we sell internationally, if you wonder why it's in USD!)

Membership will give you the 4 Week Fat Flush meal plan, daily exercise's and membership to our private Facebook page, "Fat Flush Forum."

The Fat Flush Forum is where you will get loads of support, inspiration, recipes, advice and tips, and most importantly, a comunity of people all doing the 4 Week Fat Flush. This page is for you to share your success and your slip ups; our community will keep you on track when you feel like you need a little help! 

Send me a quick email by clicking on the link below.

Congratulations for making the decision to change your life!

Tee xx