If you've been putting it off, and have been putting work, kids, and anything else ahead of your own health and fitness... it's time! Our groups are friendly and supportive and full of people who started, just like you, many who haven't done anything in AGES!

No Lock in Contracts! No hidden Fees!

Mums and Bubs: All 9.15am and 9.30am sessions are baby and toddler friendly

Sessions are 45 mins with the EXCEPTION of express and beginners at 30 minutes.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
5.30 am boxFIT (B) toneFIT (B) boxFIT (B)
6.00 am beginnerFIT boxing (B) beginnerFIT cardio (B)
6.15 am bodyFIT (B) toneFIT (B) boxFIT (B)
6.30 am expressFIT boxing (B) expressFIT cardio (B)
7.00 am toneFIT (B)
9.15 am MUMS
ptFIT (D)
ptFIT (D)
ptFIT (D)
9.30 am MUMS
ptFIT (B)
ptFIT (B)
ptFIT (B)
10.30 am MUMS
ptFIT (B)
5.30 pm boxFIT (B) bodyFIT (B)

B = Busselton (All morning sessions held at Barnard Park closest to the skate park or under central pavilion in wet weather and all evening sessions held at Churchill Park, Corner of Brown and Adelaide) 

D = Dunsborough (All morning sessions held at the Southern Playing Field, closest to the skate park, off Dunsborough Lakes drive. Wet weather you'll find us under the veranda overlooking the same place.

NOTE: All sessions go ahead rain or shine and we cater the sessions for all ages and ability levels. We are friendly non-threatening trainers. We always have more for those who want it, and low impact options for those who might be new to activity or have restrictions due to injury etc. We are for everyone!

bodyFIT: A body weight and cardio session where you’ll be asked to jog, run, jump, run stairs… throw in a few push-ups, squats, lunges, dips and you have the idea!

boxFIT: Boxercise at its best. No partner required and all equipment provided. Get your frustrations out here!

toneFIT: A station based class where you might see medicine balls, battle ropes, ab wheels, traditional weights, and kettle bells to name a few. Every muscle gets a turn at these classes; get ready to tone up!

ptFIT: This one you'll feel like you've booked your own Personal Trainer. Always with a core strength focus, your trainer will decide on the day, depending on who's attending, what kind of session is going to be most enjoyable and beneficial to the group. There will be a mix of cardio, functional fitness and boxFIT, ensuring you are "PT fit" for life.

expressFIT: Non-stop 30 minute sessions, for those looking for a quick addition to their fitness week.

beginnerFIT: These are shorter 30 minute sessions designed for those returning to activity after a long break, those with injury or the total beginner! Low impact, form focused sessions to get you moving right.

GEN "Z" Teens: If you are aged between 11 and 16, and want to start to build a happy and healthy relationship with regular movement and exercise, these session are for you! In keeping with age appropriate activity, it's 45 minutes of body-weight activity and fun and games so it feels a LOT less like exercise than it is. These sessions run in term only and are priced at $15 per week for 1 session on DD.

Personal Training available by appointment only.

Class Descriptions

All sessions are 45 minutes with the EXCEPTION of beginners and express at 30 minutes.